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Quran has the answer for each issue the humankind faces. We have to tail it and to present the selections offered that the Quran have. 


The Methods of perusing the excerpts:

The timeliness and consistency in perusing the passages, the dress of the peruser ought to be spotless, the place of recitation ought to be perfect and proper, centering Makkah and Madina as a top priority while recitation, maintaining a strategic distance from prohibited acts, having the reason for discussing at the top of the priority list and comparative things ought to be taken after. 

i. For Love 

Perused the dua for improving affection amongst a couple. Perusing this dua for 31 days and rehashing the dua 135 times every day would likewise be gainful for Love-relational unions. Insha ALLAH there would be achievement. 

ii. For Solutions of Problems 

Discuss the dua for 33 times each day for abstaining from confronting issues. Insha ALLAH the following day of discussing the dua would spent joyfully. 

iii. For Children 

Little girls and children both are the endowments of ALLAH. The pregnant ladies ought to present initial 17 verses of Surah Yusuf whenever of the day. This would give the guardians with a child Insha ALLAH. In the event that the ladies can't discuss the ayats then she ought to tie the ornament of it over her arm. 

For Safety 

In the event that some is determined to a troublesome excursion or travel and feels hazardous, then he\she ought to do the accompanying: 

Discuss Surah Shams before proceeding onward to the voyage. Recount Surah 91 incorporated into Chapter 30th of Quran. 

114 Surahs of Quran 

Surah Fatiha: Recite 3 times day by day for turning away temperature. 

Surah Al-Baqarah, Surah Aal-i-Imram: To stay away from sins 

Surah Al-Maida: For turning away craving 

Surah Al-Inam: To stay away from any troublesome circumstance 

Surah Al-Iraf: For turning away mouth-sickness 

Surah Al-Anfal: For picking up regard 

Surah Al-Tauba, Surah Al-Yunus: to dispose of false claims 

Surah Huud: with a specific end goal to pick up peace in a troublesome circumstance 

Surah Yusuf: If somebody gets detainment in a false claim 

Surah Al-Ra'ad: To deflect the impacts of enchantment on a newborn child tyke 

Surah Ibrahim: For acknowledgment of petitions 

Surah Al-Hajr: For lever issues 

Surah Al-Nahl: For deflecting the threat 

Surah Bani-Israel: For powerful correspondence 

Surah Al-Kahaf: For increasing back the work 

Surah Mariam: For harmful ailments 

Surah Taha: For relational unions 

Surah Al-Ambiya: For peace and satisfaction 

Surah Al-Hajj: For performing Hajj 

Surah Al-Mominoon: For maintaining a strategic distance from sins and medications 

Surah Noor: For maintaining a strategic distance from the false charges 

Surah Furqan: For debilitating ailments 

Surah Al-Shu'ara: For finding the lost ones 

Surah Al-Namal: For benefits 

Surah Al-Qasas: For the lost ones 

Surah Ankaboot: For the dead ones 

Surah Al-Room: For maintaining a strategic distance from fights between the couple.

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